Monday, May 6, 2013

A Decision Has Been Made

Well, I've made a decision to give up dirt biking.  I won't say forever, but definitely for now.  As my main intent was for it to be a shared activity with someone special, and situations have changed, I've decided to focus instead on some of my other hobbies and activities that I've been neglecting - like street riding (which I love), making jewelry and other crafty and creative things, and spending time outdoors in other ways (like going to the beach and nature parks).

I've been hesitant to make any decisions about selling my bike (I mean, after all, it has a name - it worked it's little way into my heart pretty quickly).  I keep thinking about what if there is an off chance that I get an invite to go with some people, at least I'll have it.  And then I realize that between now and that off chance that may or may never exist, I'll still need to maintain the bike.  And I know that will not happen.  So, Kit Katt will be going to a new home sometime soon I hope; and I may take that and invest in a different street bike - we'll see (and that's a whole different story, maybe for a whole new blog lol).

I think I will keep the gear though.  If anything, at least if there is an off chance that I'm invited to go ride because someone has an extra bike, or I can borrow least I'll have my own gear.  (Plus I love that Troy Lee helmet!)

Thanks for sharing my (albeit brief) journey into dirt biking.  At least I can say it didn't kill me, and in some ways it did indeed make me stronger by getting me off my ass and into a gym (which I'm proud to say I've been going to 4-5x/week since mid December).  And who knows, I might find myself in a position again to resurrect this blog - I certainly won't rule it out.

Stay Dirty My Friends (for my dirt biking friends)
Keep the Rubber Side Down (for my street and track riding friends)
Ciao! (for everyone else)

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