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These are side notes to some of my posts - just extra little items that weren't necessary to the story line or post but may be of interest.  You'll see references that look like this in the post:  (see Side Notes - Part 2).  You can click that link in the post and the side notes for that post will be in here under the heading Side Notes - Part 2 (for example).

Side Notes - Part 2

Why get a used bike?  
Several reasons:
1. Cheaper
2. If I don't like it or don't want to stick with it, I don't have that much invested
3. I AM going to wreck it (or at least muck it up pretty good wiping out and running into stuff)
4. Hondas are reliable and hold their value; no reason NOT to get a used one to start with

Craigslist Shopping
  • I found being less specific in my search terms yielded more results.  CRF 250 showed a lot more relevant results than Honda 250 or Honda CRF 250r, or even CRF 250r.  I also made sure to misspell CRF as CFR and found a few listings that way.
  • I went back several weeks worth looking at bikes; I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but was, that I would send emails about the ones that were several weeks old and not hear anything back. 
  • I made sure to check several of the regional CLs - for Tampa, Lakeland, Sarasota, and Orlando (I'm willing to drive an extra mile for a good product and/or good deal).
  • Since I'm new to this I made sure to have someone with appropriate bike and mechanical knowledge check the bike out with me - even online before we would even call - there were several I had marked but my friend dismissed them based on certain things that were written in the ad, and pictures, that indicated the bike had been ridden pretty hard and beat up or not taken care of.
Stickers = added HP
In case this sounded foreign, it's a running joke that adding stickers to your bike add horsepower (HP).  It depends on who you talk to how much HP each sticker "adds,"  depends on the sticker too, lol.

Side Notes - Part 4

There have been many attempts to define this and people will continue to disagree about what the definition is and how it came about.  In this case, I'm using it to indicate that my friend had absolutely no gear on and was riding around like a madman; which, frankly, is his (OK, every male's) typical mode of riding a pit bike.

Side Notes - Happy New Year

Slang for a car (which protects you like a cage, whereas you don't have the luxury of a bunch of extra metal around you for protection when you're on 2 wheels).

Nope, not taking any two-wheeled vehicle down the strip.  I also have a Mustang Bullitt and I'm going to at least go watch some of my friends take their cars down the 1/8 mile in Lakeland; however, I might even try my hand taking mine down the strip!  I've always wanted to, just been needing to work up the nerve to actually do it!  

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